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Geometric Design

Digital terrain modelling, visualisation and infrastructure coordination


Geometric Design

Geometric design is a service which Nurizon offers across a number of its market sectors and involves the positioning of the physical elements of a site. It is integral with two-dimensional site layout planning. Highway (roads) engineering geometric design comprises route alignment, longitudinal (vertical) profiling, and horizontal and vertical cross-section profiling. Airport geometric design, as an example, uses the same 3D principles for linear infrastructure e.g. runways, taxiways and airside service routes, but may also include wider-area layout and site profiling requisites, e.g. aircraft aprons, engine run-up facilities and landside environment profiling.

Our geometric design engineers and technicians are intrinsically involved in the large majority of our engineering projects due to the very nature of geometric design. Personnel use the latest 3D modelling software to create digital terrain models (DTMs) for a site, which can then be interrogated for accurate bulk earthworks, pavement and layerworks quantities, to be used in project costings. Earthworks models assist in cut and fill earthwork balances for a site, helping to maximise the use of in-situ material, whilst reducing (as far as practicable) the requirement for commercially sourced materials. DTMs are also used to aid design engineers with visualising how a proposed development will integrate with its surrounds, as well as with other service designs where multidisciplinary projects are concerned, e.g. stormwater reticulation, structures and above-ground services lines.

Vehicle tracking software is often used for swept-path analyses to refine horizontal (and vertical) geometric layouts, e.g. sizing of aircraft aprons and taxiway fillets, or vehicle movement areas in a car park. Industrial engineers work together with our engineers on various projects to simulate and optimise geometric and facility layouts, especially where a time-critical component is concerned.

Our project portfolio showcases a range of geometric design projects across our business sectors.

Geometric Design Services

Layout planning, site profiling and integration
Integration of multidisciplinary service models
Mine site profiling and haul road geometry
Vehicle swept path analysis
Airport airside and landside environment modelling
Aerodrome obstacle limitation surface analysis
Road geometric design
Paint markings layouts

Project Showcase