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Engineering Solutions Inspired By Vision

Nurizon has been built on a solid foundation of three core values – Innovation, Professionalism and Openness. With these fundamentals in place, we have built invaluable trust-relationships with local and international clients, continually providing them with security, comfort and confidence as we continue to deliver quality integrated solutions for their projects.

Over the past decade, a vibrant group of engineers and support staff has been hand-picked to become part of the Nurizon Team. This has helped us to grow our specialised fields from mainly airport and mining infrastructure, to nine different sectors, in which we are able to deliver unique and innovative engineering solutions.

With many years of combined experience, we are able to assist from the onset to completion of your project, to ensure the finest possible outcome. Our ‘beyond boundaries’ approach makes us renowned for our adaptability, as we naturally view every project with an element of uniqueness. Consistently maintaining remarkably high standards, we continue to thrive on repeat business, secured by work relationships built on integrity, by applying our core values in every aspect of conducting business.

We are ISO 9001 (2015) certified and our senior engineers are professionally registered with ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers – UK).

We have the track record to prove we deliver on our promises, time and again. Our project portfolio is exceptionally varied with experience on both African and European Continents. Our client base continues to grow and diversify, whilst building on existing relationships through our strong client-relational focus and quality of delivery.

We offer a wide range of services in the following market sectors, internationally:

Mines, Airports, Roads and Bridges, Geotechnical, Municipal Infrastructure, Bulk Water, Commercial, Industrial, Residential Development, Rail and Port and Financial Services.

Our project portfolio is exceptionally varied with experience on both African and European Continents. Our client base continues to grow and diversify, whilst building on existing relationships through our strong client-relational focus  and quality of delivery.

Directors - United Kingdom

Stefan Coetzee

Director & Shareholder

University of Pretoria (South Africa)
PrEng, CEng, BEng (Civil)

Stefan is a highly skilled engineer who draws on a wealth of experience gained in the engineering industry over the past 25 years. He has been involved on every level of planning, design and management on various diverse and complex civil engineering projects throughout Africa and Europe.

Stefan’s engineering journey began in his late teens, on the highlands of Lesotho. His father’s company was busy producing an educational film for a leading engineering consultancy, featuring the Lesotho Highland Water Scheme, for which he was assistant cameraman. This experience exposed him to the world of Civil Engineering and shortly after returning from Lesotho, Stefan was awarded a bursary at the same Engineering company.

Following the completion of his studies (PrEng, CEng, BEng (Civil)) at the University of Pretoria, Stefan started out working on airport infrastructure projects including a greenfield construction of the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport and various expansion projects on Lanseria and OR Tambo airports. Four years later, after gaining significant experience on those projects, Stefan & Hester were married and they decided to move to the United Kingdom. While living in the UK, Stefan was involved in various airport projects in Northern Ireland, Manchester and some large-scale projects on London Gatwick, Stanstead and Heathrow Airports.

After a rewarding 4-year stay in the United Kingdom, Stefan and his wife returned to South Africa where he joined a new start-up company. He expanded his experience by working on a variety of mine infrastructure projects as well as airport projects in South Africa. This opportunity allowed him to gain valuable experience in growing a small ‘start-up’ consultancy business, which gave him the confidence to start his own consultancy firm.

In August of 2010, Nurizon was founded with great support from his family, and – from the start – his family has always remained his first love and priority. He set out with the vision of becoming a deliverable based business. With this in mind, he offered his team every opportunity to embrace ownership of their roles within the company and this has played a significant role in creating the business environment within Nurizon today.

With Nurizon established in South Africa and managed by his business partner (John Le Roux) Stefan, and his family returned to the United Kingdom to establish Nurizon International. After three years, the UK company was up and running with an established team. Stefan, Hester and their 3 children, decided to return to their roots in South Africa, and settle in Pretoria.

In addition to spending quality time with his family and managing his business, Stefan also enjoys all sports, photography, theatre and traveling. His favorite cuisine remains either a fine grilled steak or any Indian cuisine paired with a good South African wine or a speyside single malt whiskey.

John le Roux

Director & Shareholder

University of Pretoria (South Africa)
BSc (Mining)

John is a passionate engineer with a terrific strategic business mind. With his formidable managerial background, he has a proven track record of being able to deliver full life-cycle contracts within budget and with greatly condensed timescales when required. As an empowering leader, he has consistently taken the teams he has led to places of higher performance and greater excellence.

John was the engineering lead for the Alufer Bauxite project in Guinea. His responsibilities included managing the mining, infrastructure, port and transshipping aspects of this $105m project during the 2012-14 season.
Thereafter, New Coal Mine (Elandspruit, RSA) appointed John as the owners’ team lead to manage all of the processes throughout the project’s life-cycle – from mining rights applications, to development, operations and final closure in 2019.

He has extensive local and international cross-sector contracting experience which has proven invaluable in so many areas of industry, from risk mitigation to the implementation and execution of complex projects. John is an innovative thinker with a strong appreciation and clear understanding of his client’s business needs.

Being an endurance sport enthusiast, it is safe to say John never backs out of a challenge. He has successfully completed numerous ultra-endurance events and continues to strive for greatness in whatever challenge he takes on. John is also a family-man, being happily married to his wife Carin and a devoted father to their three children.

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    What makes Nurizon unique?

    We have the track record built up over the past decade to prove we deliver on our promises, time and again.


    We have assembled a vibrant team of key engineering professionals and support staff, adequately equipped to provide integrated solution approaches to our clients. Inspired by vision, we have established a unique identity as an engineering consultancy brand by bringing innovative engineering solutions to every one of our projects, sometimes with unique challenges, across various business sectors.


    We view each project individually, as being unique, and do not believe in ‘one-fits-all’ solutions. Consistently maintaining remarkably high standards, we continue to thrive on repeat business. This being secured by the development of integrity in our work-relationships, we remain focused on our core values in every aspect of conducting business.


    We are proudly recognised as a BBBEE Contributor, which we have achieved through our firm standing on preferential procurement, corporate social responsibilities, business enterprise development and the offering of bursaries to previously disadvantaged individuals.


    South Africa has significant regional influence and recognised status within the developing African economy, making it the optimal strategic location for us to pursue infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.


    The United Kingdom has strong links to European and other global markets and was selected by Nurizon as a base to pursue these opportunities. In addition, it was recognised that many North African clients have head offices situated in London.


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