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Optic Fibre Solutions

Fibre route planning and design solutions


Optic Fibre Solutions

The national optic fibre network in South Africa is rapidly expanding, to improve on the existing fibre infrastructure footprint and provide widespread, high-speed internet connectivity across the country to both businesses and homeowners. The technology competes against other transmission systems, however its importance in the communication’s arena cannot be discounted due to its unrivalled stability in the high speed transmission of large quantities of data.

As a company, we have been involved in fibre network route planning and design in metropolitan areas and over long distance transmission routes, including a 1800km fibre link from KZN to the Western Cape. Our capabilities include engineering difficulties identification, route alignment selection and detail route construction designs.

Clients include fibre infrastructure developers, operators and service providers with a selection of projects presented in our project’s portfolio.

Optic Fibre Services

Engineering difficulties indentification
Route alignment selection
Detail route infrastructure design
Route as-builts

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