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Bulk Water

Comprehensive water and wastewater services infrastructure design

Bulk Water Consulting Services

Bulk water design
Wet/internal services design
Municipal water, sewer and stormwater reticulation
Pump station design
Mine Infrastructure Area (MIA) water, sewer and stormwater reticulation
Rainwater harvesting design
Dewatering schemes, including mine pit dewatering
Fire water design

Bulk Water

Bulk water, potable water and wastewater design capabilities support all of the business sectors in which we specialise. Our successfully completed design projects include various specialised water and wastewater projects – ranging from pump station and reservoir designs, bulk pipelines, fire water designs, dewatering systems to rain water harvesting schemes.

Bulk Water Services include but are not limited to:

  • SYSTEM DESIGN – Demand calculations; Hydraulic design.
  • PUMP STATIONS – Structures; Pumps sizing; Pipes, valves and specials; Electrical supply; Control and instrumentation. 
  • BULK PIPELINES – Alignment and sizing; Hydraulic design; Bridge and river crossings; Pipe Jacking; Valves and valve chambers; Telemetry.
  • RESERVOIRS – Foundation design; Structural and Hydraulic design; Control and instrumentation.
  • DAMS – Raw water dams and stormwater retention dams; Catchment calculations; Location selection.

Featured Bulk Water Projects Showcase

Bulk Water Projects Showcase

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