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Comprehensive airport development solutions

Airports Consulting Services

Airside geometric planning and design
Traffic forecasts and market analysis
Aircraft pavement engineering
Prefeasibility studies
Landside geometric planning and design
Airport site selection
Airfield ground lighting layouts and design
Bankable feasibility studies
Passenger terminal planning and capacity analysis
Airport services design
Obstacle limitation surface analysis
Capital and operational expenditure modelling
Master planning and development planning
Stormwater drainage design and pollution control
Paint marking layout and design
Independent technical reviews


Civil aviation is a major international industry with annual passenger numbers running into the billions. This requires that airports continually evolve to align with forecasted traffic move­ments. We have broad technical experience and expertise in this field, having worked on civil and military airport projects in South Africa, Africa and the UK. We are well-versed in international design standards including ICAO, CAA Publications (UK), FAA and IATA. Our clients include airport operators, aviation financiers, military and government authorities.

Our airport planning and design solutions are incredibly varied, incorporating feasibility and site selection studies, airside and landside geometric planning, master planning, terminal design and detailed construction design of all airport-related infrastructure.

Airports Services include but are not limited to:

  • AIRPORT PLANNING – Master planning; Upgrades; Vehicle and aircraft tracking; Terminal Building sizing.
  • PAVEMENT DESIGN – Runways; Taxiways; Aprons; Parking; Roads.
  • GEOMETRIC DESIGN – All landside and airside movement areas.
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING – Terminal buildings; Control towers; Fire stations; Hangars.
  • MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL – Airfield ground lighting; Bulk electrical reticulation; General electrical; Baggage handling; HVAC.
  • FIRE PROTECTION – Fire water reticulation; Rational fire designs; Sprinklers; Fire water storage .
  • STORMWATER DRAINAGE – All landside and airside areas.
  • STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING – ROM tips; Process plant structures; Workshops; Service bays; Headgear structures.
  • BULK UTILITIES – Fuel; Water; Sewer; Power.

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Airport Projects Showcase

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