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Geotechnical and Pavements Solutions

Nurizon personnel and specialist consultants have extensive experience in all aspects of geotechnical and pavement engineering, from initial materials testing, geotechnical and pavement investigations, through to materials selection and detail geotechnical and pavement engineering designs.

Our geotechnical engineering design capabilities include, but are not limited to, retaining wall structures, foundation design and tailings dam design.

Pavement engineering design capabilities include layerworks design, design of flexible and concrete pavements and pavement rehabilitation solutions. Our team has specific expertise in the design of pavements for heavy vehicle and aircraft loadings, although we tailor each solution to meet specific requirements and budgetary parameters.

Refer to our project's portfolio page for examples of the company's geotechnical and pavements experience.

Geotechnical and Pavement Services

Geotechnical and pavement investigations
Geotechnical and pavement analysis
Geotechnical engineering design
Pavement and layerworks design
Problematic material indentification
Material selection
Pavement rehabilitation solutions

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